The University of Waterloo is an established institution excelling in Research, Engineering and Technology programs. The University recruits students with good academic standing and passionate individuals to bring forward new and innovative ideas.
Waterloo is home to the largest Engineering faculty in Canada and largest Actuarial Science program in North America. The university was the first school in Canada to adopt the co-op learning program.
Programs are available in 6 faculties and may incorporate lab work as well as the option of completing a co-op placement.
The University of Waterloo offers 4 designated scholarships valued at but not limited to $3000 each awarded in December, May or June to the top 4U graduates of Columbia International College entering the university.
International (Visa) Students
Business Computer Science Engineering Other
$38,436 - $43,236 $58,836 $57,236 - $58,836 $41,636 - $43,036 (Faculty of Math.) $38,436 - $42,636 (Other)
Canadian Students
$6,050 - $12,870
Campus Arts/Social Sci./ Hum. Avg Business/ Commerce/ Mgmt Avg. Comp Science/ Math Avg. Engineering Avg. Science Avg. Appl. Deadline TOEFL BT IELTS CAEL Additional Reqs.
Waterloo 80-85% 85-90% 90-95%+(C.S) 88%(Math) 95%(BBA&BCS) 90%(BBA&Math) 85-95% 80-90% Jan 15 90 6.5 70 Most programs: 70% or 75% in ENG4U; ELP may be required
“Waterloo consistently admits many talented CIC students each year. The Sure-To-University program is an opportunity to earn your place among them.”
Scott O’Neil
Director of Recruitment
University of Waterloo